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The Auchentoshan distillery lies in the Scottish Lowlands at the shores of the River Clyde. It is one of the few Scottish distilleries that tripple distills its whisky. The triple distillation removes the last bit of fusel oils and other unwanted aromas from the whisky. You will very rarely get an Auchentoshan whisky that is sharp and edgy.

The distillery was built in the year 1800 by a man named John Bulloch. He named the distillery Duntocher distillery. After the Duntocher distillery went bankrupt in 1822, his son continued the business and registered the Auchentoshan distillery in 1823. From this point on the Auchentoshan distillery was a legitimate distillery in the United Kingdom. So the official date when Auchentoshan was founded is 1823. All the preceding production cannot be officially confirmed.

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