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Like the world’s finest gins, Ryan Reynolds’s Aviation Gin is distilled using a proprietary maceration recipe that produces a pure medley of botanical flavour. It all starts with our precise blend of botanicals – cardamom, coriander, French lavender, anise seed, sarsaparilla, juniper, and two kinds of orange peel. The botanicals are suspended in a pure, neutral grain spirit for 18 hours in macerating tanks.

The macerate is then pumped into a still along with pure water. Steam jackets heat the macerate, the vapours go into the condenser, which cools the vapours to form the gin distillate. In a meticulously monitored process, the first fluid leaving the still, the ‘heads’ is removed. Collecting the ‘heart of the spirit’throughout the run, the distillers then determine the end of the cycle and make the final cut, ‘the tails’. This process takes approximately 7 hours and at this point, the ‘heart cut’ is 142 proof.

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