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Cantina Mesa comprises 70 hectares in the heart of the ‘Sulcis Iglesiente’ DO, in the Southern tip of the rocky Island. The largest part of the vineyards is located in the Sant’Anna Arresi area, in a valley sheltered from the mistral winds and surrounded by the sea. Sardinia’s mild climate with plenty of sunshine, good limestone and granite soils offer an ideal place for excellent quality wines.
All of Cantina Mesa wines are crafted from traditional Sardinian grape varieties. The name Mesa, which in both Sardinian and in Spanish means table, sums up in just four letters the very soul of the winery. Nourishment, a meal among friends, simplicity, and fragrant odors of the Sardinian earth.
The winery, a striking, white structure, of minimalist line, all but unprecedented, stands in Sulcis Iglesiente, enfolded tenderly by the hill slopes that overlook Porto Pino. It rises up from amidst the dark green of the Mediterranean scrub and the vineyards, gazing contentedly over the land that spreads out from it in every direction and over the fruits of its own labor, noted with amazement and wonder by a multitude of eyes that can glimpse it even from afar.

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