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Gato Negro – Spanish for ‘black cat’ – was born as a wine brand in Chile in 1960, making it probably the oldest wine label with a critter or animal on it, appearing some four decades earlier than the other current popular wines.

The origin story has it that for more than half a century, a black cat enchanted the wine makers of Viña San Pedro, convincing them that his presence inspired high quality wines, and so the label was created. Viña San Pedro was founded in Curico Valley in 1865 by the Correa Albano brothers, who were pioneers in bringing varieties from the Old World/Old Continent to the valley. San Pedro is one of the most important wineries in Chile and one of the country’s most significant exporters, with a huge presence in over 80 countries across five continents, and Gato Negro has been its best selling wine brand since its inception.

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