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Dominated by the ancient castle and a small medieval village. To the south-west of Montalcino, Tenuta CastelGiocondo is situated at an altitude of around 450 metres, an ideal terroir for the production of Sangiovese. The village of Castelgiocondo overlooks the historic estate of the Frescobaldis in Montalcino: an ancient stronghold built in 1100 to defend the road leading from the sea to Siena. The property is one of the first 4 to begin producing Brunello di Montalcino in 1800, and its historic importance is represented on the label of Castelgiocondo by the figure of a condottiere from a celebrated fresco of the Sienese artist Simone Martini.

On the highest hills of this estate, which began producing wine in the year 1800, a small Sangiovese vineyard amazes us with extraordinary emotions. The vineyard benefits from warm sun in the afternoon, galestro type soil, and fresh Mediterranean breezes, producing a uniquely elegant Brunello Riserva, with personality and longevity.

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