Albert Wines is a trusted Wines & Spirits importer based in Kuala Lumpur since 1992.

“In the 14th century, Arnau de Vilanova, a Catalan doctor, developed the first ‘Aqua Vitae’, a wine distillate for medicinal purposes. The word “Brandy” is of Dutch origin and means “”burned wine””. 16th-century Dutch merchants distilled the wine in stills and stored it in oak barrels for transport.

In 1928, Juan Torres Casals, second generation of the Torres family, continued with the humanist legacy of Arnau de Vilanova. Juan Torres Casals began to make aged brandy from the best white wines of Penedès (Barcelona). As part of the process, he distilled the wine and aged it in oak barrels. The work of Juan Torres was recognised and his brandies started to become synonymous with quality.

From early 1928 until today, the spirit of achievement and the pursuit of excellence have materialised in our different types of brandy. Our brandies have won numerous international distinctions and awards.

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