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Torresella is located in Italy’s Eastern Veneto. This area is bounded by the Tagliamento River to the north, the Livenza River to the south, the Alps to the northwest, and the Venetian lagoon to the east. The mild climate presents no abrupt seasonal changes and its medium textured, clay soils have a high mineral content, making them ideal for viticulture.

Discover the hills of Eastern Veneto, where the finest traditional techniques and most modern winemaking innovations combine with a historical stewardship of the land to create wines with unmistakably authentic personality and flavor. While we appreciate our history, it’s the future that guides so much of what we do. From our state-of-the-art underground irrigation system implemented to conserve water, to our environmentally-friendly packaging and exclusive use of solar power for our winery’s electricity, we’re as passionate about being good to our environment as we are about bringing great wine to you. Our commitment to respecting and enriching our environment guides our winemaking in every single bottle.

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