Albert Wines is a trusted Wines & Spirits importer based in Kuala Lumpur since 1992.

Our founder William Grant established our company in 1887. His vision was to make the best dram in the valley, and it stands true today as we build brands that are loved the world over. William Grant and his family of nine built our distillery brick by brick with their own hands. The first spirit ran from the still on Christmas Day 1887 to much celebration. Since then, our company has gone from strength to strength.

Our company has stayed in the family since William Grant and his children built the distillery. His son-in-law was his first salesman, helping to bring our brands to the world, and this tradition continues. The family continues to stay involved with the business, instilling their values into how we work. Our heritage is remembered by the descendants of William Grant, with his great-great grandson Glenn Gordon — a fifth generation family member — as our current Chairman.

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