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Camus ‘Pionneau – Petite Champagne’ Cognac Vintage 1972


Pionneau name is used for only truly exceptional Eaux-de-Vie in the Camus ‘Rarissimes’ range – A selection of the best single vintage Cognacs in the Camus’s Cellar, a pure expression of the year, coming in a very limited volume, for a guaranteed outstanding Cognac.
This 1972 perfectly expresses the pure, shimmering light reflected by the chalky soils of Petite Champagne. Distilled in Boutiers St Trojan and aged in casks nos. 289163 and 289164, this vintage Petite Champagne Cognac was selected in January 2013 by our Cellar Master, Patrick Leger.

At 43.8%, it combines elegance and balance in an intense concentration of aromas, partly thanks to 41 years’ ageing alternately in dry cellars and damp cellars. The golden tints of this cognac conceal a magnificent, delicate balance between the rancio of the Petite Champagne cru and subtle, exotic spices.

Luminous orangey hue with delicate, intense golden tints. Extremely fine in the first nose of dried fruits, the aromas are harmoniously complex between floral and fruity – developing towards candied fruit with an underlying oakiness, spiced with ginger and nutmeg hints. Well balanced and constantly offering new discoveries with flavours of cedar wood, vanilla and caramelized orange, leading into a very rounded finish.

This is sourced from 2 small barrels, bottled under Bailiff’s supervision in January 2013 after 41 Years in oak, drawing a mere 419L, bringing only 598 bottles available worldwide, all numbered.

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Deeply attached to their Cognac land, the five generations of Camus family have succeeded Since 1863 in faithfully preserving the brand’s original values. This process of handing down from father to son now ensures the continuity and development of a unique expertise, with the cornerstones remaining the soil, the vine and the grape.

As well as a love and respect for the fruit of the land, the Camus culture is based on innovation and the quest for exceptional aromatic qualities – for above and beyond their role as businessmen the Camus’s see themselves as winegrowers, explorers and passionate lovers of taste.

Laid across 180 hectares in the smallest and rarest AOC cru – the Borderies – the Camus family has always been deeply involved in winemaking and distilling. It is this unbreakable bond between the land, the traditions and the people who live on it that helps them craft superb Cognacs. Today, it is Cyril Camus who is the bearer of all family tradition and oversees the undisputed quality of Camus Cognac. Export development and product development remain at the top, with a passion for innovation. Cyril Camus has entirely modernized the Cognac house’s interiors, relying on a fresh new take on Cognac for the new century.

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