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(Free Canvas Bag) Jameson Irish Whiskey (Dickies Limited Edition)


Feast your eyes, on our newest collection. Created with our newest mate, Dickies. Here, two cultures and industry behemoths, collide. Joining forces to spark something more. Something unique. Something Jameson. And something Dickies. Creating a collaboration for the ages. Representing the down to earth communities, we stand with.

Where workwear meets streetwear. Texas meets Ireland. And hard work meets a fashion statement. For a historic collaboration. Sharing a story 344 years in the making. It’s a legacy building meet up, distilled into a capsule, you won’t want to miss out on. So, lace up your ‘work’boots and prepare yourself for a good old-fashioned craft-core drop. Featuring iconic Dickies pieces with a Jameson twist, and iconic Jameson bottle with a Dickies twist. All crafted together. Through shared values and a community spirit. Fused together.

An initial aroma of freshly cut hay is complemented by a crisp orchard fruit character – green apples and pears, with a twist of lime zest. Mild pot still spices appear, deepening from green tea to hazelnut and milk chocolate. The initial sweet mouth coating typical of the Irish pot still inclusion is quickly complemented by the subtle touch of hops and cocoa beans from the beer cask finish. Long and sweet with milk chocolate and butterscotch.

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The No.1 Irish whiskey in the world, Jameson is triple distilled, boasting a perfectly balanced, well-rounded flavour. Jameson is a product of balance and precision. Firstly, balancing malted and unmalted barley in order to give a natural barley flavour. Secondly, mastering the proportions of triple distilled Pot Still Whiskies and triple distilled Grain Whiskies in order to deliver exceptional smoothness. And lastly, harmonizing the sweet, nutty flavour from Sherry casks with the toasted wood and vanilla notes from the Bourbon casks.

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