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KI NO BI ‘SEI’ Kyoto Dry Gin


KI NO BI SEI is made according to the same intricate production method as the original KI NO BI, using 11 botanicals distilled in six distinct flavour categories, known as the 6 Elements. The final blend has been recalibrated by our distilling team to bring out the best of each botanical at the higher strength. This bottling is at the traditional Royal Navy strength of 54.5% abv, often confused with 100 proof, or 57.1% abv.

In contrast with the original KI NO BI, which has a delicate and gentle profile, KI NO BI SEI has a thicker mouthfeel and full-bodied flavour, which works well in cocktails.
KI NO BI uses juniper, orris and hinoki as its base ingredients. These constitute our gin’s basic flavour structure, and account for more than half of the botanicals used. KI NO BI includes yuzu and lemon among its botanicals. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit, giving our gin a distinctive flavour when distilled. Sanshō pepper and kinome give KI NO BI an oriental and spicy aroma, which mainly features on the finish.
The higher strength allows the distinctive taste of KI NO BI’s flavour profile to prevail. At first, it is punchy on the palate but retains KI NO BI’s trademark purity and harmony in perfect balance. An outstanding gin for cocktails.

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The Kyoto Distillery was established in Japan on 1st December 2014. The founding partners had been working together in Japanese whisky since 2006 with exclusive export rights to Hanyu, Chichibu and the now legendary Karuizawa. The Kyoto Distillery was granted a Spirits Production Licence on 8th August 2016; the first such licence ever granted in Kyoto Prefecture. The distillery released its flagship product KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin in Japan on 14th October 2016.

KI NO BI is a small-batch, artisanal gin with a very Japanese heart: it is made with the obsessive attention to detail, care and precision associated with the finest Japanese craftsmanship. We use a high-quality rice spirit and Japanese botanicals such as yuzu, lemon, sansho pepper, ginger and gyokuro tea, all sourced at the peak of the season from producers we know and respect.

We spent a lot of time perfecting our KI NO BI recipe, both to ensure absolute harmony between the various botanicals and to make sure that our gin speaks of its home in Kyoto. KI NO BI has a recognisably dry gin flavour but with a Japanese accent: pure, perfectly-balanced with distinctive aromas and a lingering finish of light ginger spice.

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