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Laphroaig ‘Lore’ Single Malt Scotch Whisky


Every sip of laphroaig lore tells the story of our distillers, blenders and master craftsmen through the centuries. Created using techniques that have been passed down for generations, this single malt Scotch is made from some of the most precious whiskies in our Atlantic storehouse. Our master distillers select spirits from five different cask types, including ex-Bourbon barrels, 19th Century-style quarter casks and large Oloroso sherry butts.

Aged anywhere from seven years to 21 years, each spirit brings its own element – and lore – to the blend. The result is the richest expression of our unforgettable peated whisky. Sparkling gold, this rich and smoky Scotch tastes of fall days by the ocean with hints of ash and bitter chocolate. A long, sweet finish and spicy chili tingle make this dram utterly unparalleled. Serve neat, or over ice.
Discover a story in every sip with Laphroaig Lore. This Islay Scotch draws upon the expertise of generations of distillery managers, blenders and craftsmen, combining some of the rarest whiskies in our storehouse. The result is our richest expression of Laphroaig single malt yet.
The unforgettable taste of the Scottish seaside – smoke, salt and a hint of iodine – is met with bitter flavors of ash and dark chocolate. This is lifted by a lingering sweet finish and a chili bite, ensuring every taste of this Scotch provides a savory and unforgettable experience. An ideal gift for fans of peated whisky, this elevated expression is bound to impress. Serve neat, over ice or with a splash of cold water.
Our Lore whisky is a blend of single malt Scotch whiskies that have been maturing in our warehouse, set a stone’s throw from the Atlantic shore. Our master distillers carefully select spirits from five different types of wood. These include our small 19th Century quarter casks for a velvety smooth texture, large Oloroso sherry butts for fruity sweetness and our toasted ex-Bourbon barrels for a hint of vanilla. The spirits range in age from seven to 21 years, from rugged to mellow, so each one lends its own story to the final whisky.
Since 1815, Laphroaig’s craftsmen have been perfecting the technique of whisky-making at our distillery on the Isle of Islay. These techniques have been preserved and tweaked throughout the centuries, and this whisky is a true tribute to them.
Laphroaig Lore has won numerous awards, including silver medals at the 2019 International Spirits Challenge, International Wine and Spirit Competition and the San Francisco Spirit Awards. It was also named Best No Age Statement Scotch by Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible in 2019. Pour a dram, and escape into history.

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On the far edge of the Scotch whisky map, it’s supposed that the art of distillation was first brought to Islay by Irish monks. Being remote, it’s an art that flourished in the hands of the islanders, whose illegal operations tested the resolve and means of the tax man. Eventually, the law relaxed, various whisky makers set up legitimate distilleries, among them a pair of farmers, Donald and Alexander Johnston, who in 1815 founded their distillery on the island’s south coast. Laphroaig, so called after its location, ‘broad hollow by the bay.’ It would remain in family hands for the next 139 years. Find out more about the history of Laphroaig below, using the scroller on the timeline to travel back in time.

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Laphroaig ‘Lore’ Single Malt Scotch Whisky
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