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Lillet Blanc (Limited Edition Gift Pack with Spritzer Glass)


Lillet is a classic French Aperitif, crafted in the Bordeaux region since 1872. It is a blend of Bordeaux wine, macerated liqueurs (mostly citrus) and quinine which bring a delicious bitterness. Lillet Blanc is made with Sauvignon Blanc & Semillon and shows aromas of candied oranges, honey, pine resin and exotic fruits. Full and fleshy on the palate. Great served very chilled or in cocktails.


Limited Edition Gift Pack, with a branded Spritzer Glass

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Lillet is a premium aperitif created in 1872 and prepared in the wine cellars of Podensac, a small village south of Bordeaux. Lillet comes from a subtle blend of wine and fruit infusions prepared by the cellarmaster using methods passed down since the 19th century.

This classic French wine-based aperitif is deliciously refreshing all on its own – either served chilled with a twist of orange, or poured over ice with a splash of soda water. It also pairs nicely with vodka and gin, giving a dash of zesty, bittersweet citrus flavour to summer cocktails.

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