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Monin ‘Green Apple’ Fruit Mix


Awaken your taste buds, with the refreshing crispness of new Le Fruit de Monin Green Apple. So easy-to-use, you can conjure up zingy green apple cocktails, lemonades, sodas and iced teas in the blink of an eye! Apples are one of the most popular and enduring fruits with more than 7,500 different varieties in existence, ranging in colour from green to gold to red. Green apples, the most well-known variety being the Granny Smith, are crisp, juicy and tart-sweet and are excellent eaten raw or cooked in puddings and savoury dishes.
The refreshing taste of green apple can be enhanced by mixing with other tart flavours or mellowed by mixing with rich, sweet notes such as buttery toffee. Le Fruit de Monin Green Apple is an on-trend flavour, delivering a burst of fresh, juiciness to produce amazing green apple martinis and frozen drinks.

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One of the most well known syrup brands is Monin. Monin syrups are used throughout the world to flavor coffees, cocktails and delicious mocktails.

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