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Mortlach ’12 Years Old’ Single Malt Scotch Whisky


This 12-year-old Speyside single malt comes from the new Mortlach range, launched in 2018. Known as ‘the Beast of Dufftown’, Mortlach is distilled 2.81 times in a complicated process referred to simply as ‘The Way’. This single malt, dubbed ‘The Wee Witchie’, is matured in American and European oak ex-bourbon and sherry casks before being bottled at 43.4% abv. It’s drawn from bourbon and sherry casks, and packs a hearty punch of meaty Mortlach-y malt at its core, supported by dried fruit and toffee notes. Meaty and sulphurous, this expression showcases the raw character of the distillery.

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Launched in 1823, Mortlach Distillery was purchased in 1923 by John Walker and Sons, and much of its whisky was used in their blends. So Mortlach has long been ranked Top Class by blenders, and since it is a key filling for the Johnnie Walker whiskies, yet has been promoted as a single malt by Diageo, its owner only in 2014, and is running uncommonly as an independent bottling.
Known as ‘The Beast of Dufftown’ due to its rather unique flavour profile, Mortlach whisky is often referred to as ‘meaty’ and ‘muscular’. In 1897, they created something in between double distillation and triple distillation, called ‘2.81 distillation’, claiming that their spirit is distilled 2.81 times. The difficult calculation comes from the distillation using 3 pots of different sizes.

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