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Suntory ‘Ao’ Blended World Whisky


Nearly a century ago at the Yamazaki Distillery, Suntory developed the first Japanese Whisky. Applying the Suntory Art of Blending philosophy, they continue pioneering their craft. The skill and spirit instrumental in blending notable whiskies such as Hibiki originate from heritage and innovation as successive blenders refine their predecessors’ skills.

World-renown subtle, refined yet complex flavor is an attribute of Japanese craftsmanship. Ao will usher in a new world of whisky. Since its inception, Suntory has pioneered whisky and continues challenging paradigms.
Originating in Ireland and Scotland, whisky later migrated to the New World. It evolved history and culture, which dictate a whisky’s personality, unique to Canada and the United States.
Despite its youth of a mere century, Japanese Whisky continues to receive acclaim and accolades the world over. Irish (Cooley distillery), Scotch (Ardmore, Glen Garioch), American (Jim Beam), Canadian (Alberta Distillery), and now, Japanese whiskies (Yamazaki, Hakushu), each loved for individuality and known as the world’s five major whiskies.
Beam Suntory holds distilleries from all five regions, inspiring the company to apply its resources toward developing a whisky for a new era. The careful process of selecting component whiskies from around the world yielded a premium blend in 2019. Produced in-house, Suntory World Whisky Ao represents each of the world’s five top whiskies.
Neat, on the rock, or mixed into a cocktail. Settle into the smoky comfort of Ao and traverse its fruity notes and smooth, sweet mouthfeel. Suntory blenders wove this complex flavor profile from diverse climates and cultures to deliver multiple experiences to different settings and different people. Discover new flavors and explore the world with each drop. Profound, vanilla and pineapple-like fruitiness on top, a creamy sweetness and depth with a lingering woody aroma. Smooth and sweet mouthfeel, gradually followed with smokiness and cinnamon-like spiciness.

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Founded in 1899, the House of Suntory was built on one man’s dream. Shinjiro Torii wanted to enrich the lives of his people. Against the backdrop of the Japanese Meiji Era, a period of rapid modernization during which Japan opened its eyes to the West for inspiration, young Shinjiro grew into an enterpreneur, maker and doer. The sophistication of Western wines and spirits -their cultural depth and wealth, rituals and savoir faire-inspired Shinjiro.

He set out to introduce that culture to the Japanese people through the sale of Western wines. Yet, as Shinjiro worked tirelessly to educate and develop the people’s appreciation for Western wines, he learned that this was a difficult challenge.
In 1937, Shinjiro launched Suntory Whisky, the first authentic and undisputedly most successful Japanese Whisky. Shinjiro had created a whisky that suited the Japanese palate and became a signature of Suntony’s Art of Blending – and art perfected through the “Spirit of Japan”: a relentless pursuit for perfection, meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality.

Shinjiro had actualized his dream to “create an original Japanese Whisky blessed with the riches of Japanese nature and ‘Monozukuri’ craftsmanship.” And today, Suntory Whisky is the flagship of the House of Suntory.

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Suntory ‘Ao’ Blended World Whisky
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