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Wineemotion 'MIA' Argon Canister


This is a canister to be used with only the Wineemotion ‘MIA’ 2-Btls Wine Dispenser. Easy to install, it can serve for up to 30 bottles.

Mia Wine dispenser has three main functions: preserve, cool and serve wine the most efficient way without waste. Even though Mia has been projected for home use, its materials are the same that Wineemotion has adopted for professional use, in order to insure the dispenser durability and reliability through time. The use of stainless steel, in addition to giving strength to the product, enhances the harmonic lines that will adapt to any environment.

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Wineemotion was born from work experience of its two founding members, Riccardo Gosi and Fabio Frasi. Founded in 2012, the company is based in the commune of Cavriglia, in the heart of Tuscany in Italy.  A Wine dispenser is a device made to preserve, cool and pour wines straight from the bottle to the glass. The wine is preserved by introducing inert gas (either nitrogen or argon) inside the bottle. The gases used are food grade, and used in the food industry to preserve food and beverages (modified atmosphere packaging), as they are odourless, tasteless and colourless.

Injecting inert gas into the bottle allows the escape of air (containing oxygen), preventing the oxidation of the wine. In this way, the wine manages to keep its taste and its aromas unchanged for about four weeks.  Wineemotion’s Mia is a beautiful example of design and functionality. It will perfectly fit in any furniture style while standing out at the same time. Finally, you can enjoy those top shelf bottles you never had the heart to open being afraid to waste them. Thanks to the 30 days preservation capabilities of the Wineemotion Mia, your wine will keep its characteristics intact.

Nothing like home to enjoy your perfectly preserved and cooled wine. Just lay down and enjoy!

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